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A boy is sitting at the back seat of a car. When the driver suddenly starts moving the car (in forward direction), the boy experiences a backward force?
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When a car suddenly starts the lower part of the boy's body will be in the motion while his upper will be at rest.

Hence he will always experience backward force:

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Mahesh vadla said:   12 months ago
This is called 'inertia of rest'. The rested body ie the boy experiences inertia because he was sitting but the car suddenly gets into motion. The body will resist the motion for a second so it will try to be in the same previous exact place.

But that exact place is already gone backwards so the body tends to move backwards to remain in that previous position, but after that exact moment the body gets into motion thus it will no longer be in a state of rest therefore we no longer remain in a state of Falling backwards and this is because of 'inertia of motion'. It is astonishing to think that a small act like this has a huge science behind it.

PUDDIN_DEAD said:   3 years ago
Law of inertia: an object tends to be in the state of motion or rest until and unless an external force is applied on it.

Jignesh said:   1 decade ago
Jsut because of accelaration due to gravity

Jid said:   1 decade ago
What if the car starts in reverse?

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