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Which one of the following a 'Drama' must have?
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Vikas said:   2 years ago
The story is the right answer because actor act or not, director take the shoot or not but drama needs a story to consume time.

Krish Tripathi said:   4 years ago
Drama is a set of characters acting upon a story so if there is no story no drama. Therefore Drama is correct.

Krishna said:   5 years ago
Drama is a genre. It can also be told without actors.

Apoorv Chitransh said:   5 years ago
Everything starts with a story. A story that comes into the director's mind and then the rest takes place. So, the answer is correct.

Venkatesh said:   7 years ago
Story is important to drama than actor is necesary.

Kirti said:   7 years ago
Story is the base, first, the story is constructed and then actors and directors come into the picture. So, we must take into account the best answer-STORY.

Sandesh said:   7 years ago
Even you have story, you need good actors (performers) to make it effective.

Ramani vadaparthi said:   7 years ago
Without actors. How is the story played as drama?

I think the answer is actors.

Malavika said:   7 years ago
Director is the one who should narrate the story.

Parameswaran said:   8 years ago
Without director how a story is narrated.

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