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Disclosure always involves
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Apurv porwal said:   5 years ago
I also agree disclosure is about truth and lies.

Samjhana chaudhary said:   5 years ago
Disclosure means revelation that connects with the revelation of someone lies and truth and exposition means a large public exhibition. So it must be secrets.

Shalu said:   7 years ago
In drama, exposition refers to the disclosure of charcaters, theme and the setting of the play. So, disclosure and expositions are close synonyms.

Prabhu said:   1 decade ago
I also agree that Mrs. Sudha.

Sudha said:   1 decade ago
I agree with varsha.

Shivangi said:   1 decade ago
Exposition means written description and usually we disclosure is announcement which consist of secrets.

Yohitha said:   1 decade ago
Ofcourse exposition can be the answer.

Varsha vasan said:   1 decade ago
Disclosure means only revealing, and only secrets can be revealed.

Ganeshkumar said:   1 decade ago
Exposition means a kind of displaying. Only secrets been a disclosure. So exposition cannot be the answer.

Poornima said:   1 decade ago
Exposition can also be the answer here.

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