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A lotus flower always has
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Kunal said:   7 years ago
What if lotus has not completely bloomed (just the bud) ? then it would have only roots.

Snoopdoug said:   8 years ago
Lotus does have roots.

The Lotus is the national flower of India, which is a symbol of supreme reality.

Soundarya said:   9 years ago
Lotus will always grow in water, so 1st option is wrong. They asked the lotus has. So water will not come. Lotus has no roots, so petal is the correct answer.

Dharu said:   10 years ago
What is meant by petals?

Madiha said:   10 years ago
As you ever see lotus, I never see its roots & even petals, as it has a flat single leaflet, so I think a lotus flower should have mud.

Goutham said:   1 decade ago
They say lotus "flower", flower has petals and no root.

Pankaj kumawat said:   1 decade ago
I agree with preeti and ram.

Preeti Garg said:   1 decade ago
Lotus always grow in mud not in water. But the question is a lotus flower has? ofcourse that can not be mud, as lotus flower never has mud it always has petals.

Ram said:   1 decade ago
As the lotus can exist without water, mud, root petals are always necessary to qualify it as a lotus so petals are must.

Padmaja said:   1 decade ago
the coloured blades of flowers

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