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A car always has
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Ajay said:   10 years ago
If car had wheels then it should be necessarily that it had bumper and bonnet too.

Debi said:   10 years ago
Why not bonnet?

Sanjay said:   1 decade ago
A car always does not have a driver.

Not necessarily a car always has bumper.

And a bonnet is not necessarily required for a car.

Hence wheels are the best option. You will not call it as a car unless or until it moves like one.

Anees said:   1 decade ago
A car may be put at rest without wheels.

Kanishk said:   1 decade ago
Why don't every car has a driver otherwise who drives it.

Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali said:   1 decade ago
Very true Srikanth but hovercarfts do not have wheel nor do spaceships.

Srikanth said:   1 decade ago
Why only car? Any vehicle will have wheels.

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