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Study the following figure and answer the questions given below.

If hospital management requires only married trained nurses for operation theater, which part of diagram should be chosen by him ?
Answer: Option
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Krishna said:   6 months ago
I think the right answer is option D. 6.

Because they ask only married trained nurses not.

Mansi Gupta said:   1 year ago
I think the right answer will be 6.

Majjiga kartheek said:   1 year ago
In the above question mention trained nurses only.

So the answer will be 6.
6 is only trained nurses.
5 is both nurses in the hospital and trained nurses.

Navya said:   2 years ago
5 and 6 both are correct.

So, 5+6=11.
So, 11 should be the answer.
Thank you.

Vidhi Yadav said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, the answer must be 5.

As 5 lies under all the three categories which are married, trained and nurses in the hospital. The question requires a married nurse and 5 lies in a circle so they are married, 5 lies in a rectangle also which are trained and they can only be trained if they are working or have worked in a hospital before. So, according to me, the answer must be 5.

Shreya gangwar said:   2 years ago
Option D. 6 is right.

Yuvika said:   3 years ago
Yes. My answer is also 6.

Rishitha said:   4 years ago
The answer is 6 because they asked only married and trained nurses so the answer is 6.

Swathy said:   4 years ago
5 is the correct answer according to the venn diagram.

Ravi DS said:   5 years ago
According to my opinion, 6 is the answer it means option 'D'.

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