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Directions to Solve
Each of these questions given below contains three elements. These elements may or may not have some inter linkage. Each group of elements may fit into one of these diagrams at (A), (B), (C), (D) and/or (E). You have to indicate the group of elements which correctly fits into the diagrams.

Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between Author, Lawyer and Singer ?
Answer: Option
All the three are different professions.
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Raghav Sharma said:   3 years ago
See we have to look according to the options that's why B is correct as they all are different job and it cannot be answer A.

As author and singer are totally different and if we are saying that author can be singer also so you should also see that singer can be author also so we have to take author and singer circle equal as all author cannot be singers so we cannot put them in singers circle.

For option C:-

Same excuse as given For option A as we cannot put them as a part of a particular group as it will show that if you are a singer you must be a lawyer.

For option D:-

Also, same excuse as we cannot put the whole group in the circle as it will show that if you are an author then you must be a lawyer and singer.

Vikas bajaj said:   5 years ago
All of them can be each other.

A lawyer can be a singer or he can be both singer and author, here author can be not of a song lyrics but of a book, fiction or maybe law book.

A singer might have studied law and then become a singer, and might also write for kids books. Making him a writer.

Hence I think, the right option is not given.

@Sundar. You gave the right option.

And @Vignesh You ask the right question.

Ankush said:   5 years ago
Author are full time.

While writers are part time.

Abhishek Gupta said:   5 years ago
The answer can be A a lawyer can be author at same time.

Harshit said:   5 years ago
I also have the same doubt @Cardcapt.

Adity Patel said:   7 years ago

Accordingly, you are also correct but there is no option like that.

Chandu said:   7 years ago
Why compare the profession? Think bigger.

Anil said:   7 years ago
Same doubt as Pruthiraj, how we can think only of the profession?

Pruthiraj said:   7 years ago
How we analyse that it is solved according to proffesion?

Sahin said:   7 years ago
What about option C? the bigger circle could represent singer.

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