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Directions to Solve
In a class there are seven students (including boys and girls) A, B, C, D, E, F and G. They sit on three benches I, II and III. Such that at least two students on each bench and at least one girl on each bench. C who is a girl student, does not sit with A, E and D. F the boy student sits with only B. A sits on the bench I with his best friends. G sits on the bench III. E is the brother of C.

How many girls are there out of these 7 students ?
3 or 4
Data inadequate
Answer: Option

The number of girls is either 3 or 4.

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Pranaya said:   6 years ago
'G' may be male/female so option 2 is correct because B, C, D are girls that is final.

Arnab said:   6 years ago
How to judge the gender of 'A' & 'D' ?

Swetha said:   6 years ago

You are right, 4 arrangements are possible.

Puneet said:   6 years ago
4 arrangements are possible.





Prem Kumar said:   7 years ago
Indirectly given that A sits with HIS best friends which means A is a male and D is the only female in the 1st row.

Zorama said:   7 years ago
There can be only three girls as we see that the pronoun for A is written as 'his'. So, option A is correct one. If not, you will face another problem in one of the next questions about a group of girls which is having its answer as CBD.

Karthik said:   7 years ago
According to me, the solution is;.

Consider this, " A sits on the bench I with his best friends" means A is a boy "E is the brother of C " means E also is a boy. That leaves with only "3" girls - can't be 4 girls.

Anand said:   8 years ago
According to me, The question is in wrong format. It should have been, how many girls can we assume out of 7? Otherwise, the answer is data inadequate.

Mihir said:   8 years ago
It can also be 1) AFB, 2) ED, 3) GC.

Manoj jangir said:   8 years ago
Answer (b) is correct as we can clearly see there are three girls (d, b, c) definitely but we can't make out G is a girl or a boy. So the answer (b) 3/4 is correct.

The arrangement can be made easily but a number of girls and boys is little tricky.

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