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In an Exhibition seven cars of different companies - Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford and Fargo are standing facing to east in the following order :

  1. Cadillac is next to right of Fargo.
  2. Fargo is fourth to the right of Fiat.
  3. Maruti car is between Ambassador and Bedford.
  4. Fiat which is third to the left of Ambassador, is at one end.


Which of the following statement is correct ?

[A]. Maruti is next left of Ambassador.
[B]. Bedford is next left of Fiat.
[C]. Bedford is at one end.
[D]. Fiat is next second to the right of Maruti.

Answer: Option A


Therefore, Maruti is next left of Ambassador.

Asad said: (Jan 3, 2014)  
What is difference between left and next left?

Ashwin said: (Apr 16, 2014)  
How can we read directions & next left & next right?

Sravani said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
What is difference between left and next left?

Santosh Reddy said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
What is difference betweeen left and next left/right and next right?

Bharath said: (Mar 17, 2019)  

I will explain it.

A should be next right to B means :BA.

A should be right to B means: BDA (now A is right of B satisfy,we can keep A at any place but it should be right side of B based on the question)

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