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In an Exhibition seven cars of different companies - Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford and Fargo are standing facing to east in the following order :

  1. Cadillac is next to right of Fargo.
  2. Fargo is fourth to the right of Fiat.
  3. Maruti car is between Ambassador and Bedford.
  4. Fiat which is third to the left of Ambassador, is at one end.


Which of the cars are on both the sides of cadillac car ?

[A]. Ambassador and Maruti
[B]. Maruti and Fiat
[C]. Fargo and Mercedes
[D]. Ambassador and Fargo

Answer: Option C


Fargo and Mercedes are on both the sides of cadillac car.

Tejinder said: (Jan 23, 2011)  
cadillac is next to right of fargo so cardillac should b at the place of mercedes

Prasant said: (Feb 26, 2013)  
What is wrong if I arrange like the following from left (top) to right (bottom). Fiat, Merce, Ambasd, Fargo, Cardil, Maru, Bedf. According to question, this sequence is also correct.

Ade said: (Apr 27, 2013)  
The answer is wrong. They have said that cadillac is "next to the right of fargo" not right of. So it should be cadillac in the other end and mercedes in the middle of fargo and cadillac.

Veeraraju said: (Aug 28, 2014)  
Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford, And Frago Are Seven Cars.
Fargo CAdillac.
Ambassador Maruti Bradford.
Fiat --Ambassador.
Fiat Ambassador Maruti Bedford Fargo Cadillac Mercedes.

So The Final Seat Arrangement Is:


Amit said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
The answer is correct.

Each order/condition given in the four statements is correct and the unique arrangement is deducible from those statements.

@Prasant: Your arrangement violates the 2nd condition. I didn't check all conditions for your arrangement. One violation is enough.

@Abe: I couldn't make out what you mean by your statement.

@Veeraraju: Your arrangement violates 4th condition (before comma).

Don't apply too much head. If you do, make sure you are following the conditions stated before confusing others.

Sohinee said: (Jul 19, 2015)  
But the position of ambassador and bed ford is not said properly. So problem occurs in Q4.

Gautam said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
Answer is wrong. Correct sequence will be:


Dheeraj said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
What is meaning of s is next to the left of r. Does this mean as s _ r?

David said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
According to me, Question needs to be correct.

In 1st statement 'Cadillac is next to the right of Fargo' the word next need to be eliminated.

Advaita said: (Oct 31, 2016)  
The answer is actually correct!

Follow the correct sequence.

Bunny said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
The given answer is correct i.e C.

Mugdha Pandit said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
According to the explanation, ''Cadillac should be immediate right of Fargo", not next to the right.

Divyanand said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
Any other method to get it?

Divyanand said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
Any other method to get it?

Divyanand said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
Any other method to get it?

Padmavathi said: (Nov 1, 2018)  
Can anyone explain this clearly?

Abhay Ptatap Sooraj said: (Mar 28, 2019)  
I am not getting this. Please, anyone, help me by explaining this clearly.

Rachana said: (Sep 19, 2019)  
Position of Mercedes is nowhere mentioned. Does that mean it should be placed at the end?

Naresh said: (Jun 12, 2020)  
According to me, the answer is wrong. Cadillac should not be next to fargo. The statement says "cadillac is next to the right of fargo".

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