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A, P, R, X, S and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of P ?

[A]. A
[B]. X
[C]. S
[D]. Z

Answer: Option B


The seating arrangement is as follows:

Therefore, right of P is X.

Vijayakumar.V said: (Dec 23, 2010)  
Why can't be x placed in between Z AND R TO FORM THIS Sequence P S Z X R A ?

Kamal Kumar said: (Feb 8, 2011)  
Because it is mentioned that S and Z is in middle.

Aftab Khan said: (Mar 19, 2011)  
How it can possible that S is the Z of right?

Sneha said: (Apr 21, 2011)  
It doesn't matter they asked who is at the right of p..i.e x

Sangita said: (May 14, 2011)  
Its still not clear to me please give a broad explanation.

Sangita said: (May 14, 2011)  
Its little confusing if I leave this part and do the rest as its takes a lots of time help.

Ravi said: (May 26, 2011)  
This question is just a matter of: who is sitting to the right of P? Answer: A and P are at the ends. So, P-----A..
S and Z are in the middle. So, A-SZ-P..R is sitting to the left of A. So, The arrangement should be..P-SZRA..The remaining position should be X..The final arrangement: PXSZRA..Ok..

all the best for SBI POs..

Anuprita said: (Jul 11, 2011)  
It also can be written as ARSZXP.

Prasad Thakur said: (Aug 16, 2011)  
It has not mentioned whether they facing towards north or south. It assumed they face north?

David said: (Sep 28, 2011)  
Sequence of these series is p_x_s_z_r_A ...

Ria Yadav said: (Oct 3, 2011)  
Mrs anuprita it cannot be arszxp because its clearly written that are is in the left of p.

Vivek said: (Jan 9, 2012)  
It must be like who is immediate right of P, then it can be clear..

Satz Varavathi said: (Aug 25, 2012)  
Let's see

S & Z is middle(its right or left is not important)
A & P is end ,so it's have only one hand.
R is left of A

so the order is P?SZ(or zs)RA

?= x is answer.

Sally said: (Jun 12, 2013)  
See, the trick is that you could just eliminate all those that they mentioned and you are left with X.

Anantha said: (Nov 6, 2013)  
Please, R is supposed to be sitting to the left but the answer shows that he is in the right. See the left and right according to their sitting.

Reshmi said: (Dec 26, 2013)  
Put in the form of straight lines in seating arrangement.

Heena said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
SZ in the middle.
P & A at ends so it can be P SZ A.
Then it says R is left of A means P SZ R A.
Location of X is not given so how can we assume it to be on the right of P?

Rashmi said: (Aug 3, 2014)  
Why A can't be placed in first end and p in last end?

David said: (Sep 6, 2014)  
But immediate left of A is not mentioned here so even if I placed are at 2nd place then it still satisfying the question given?

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Ram Lakshman said: (Mar 31, 2015)  
Yes, it is right sequence "P X S Z R A".

Megha said: (May 20, 2015)  
There are 6 letters.

S & Z is in middle 3rd, 4th place.

A & T are at the ends i.e. 1st and 6th place.

R is left to A so R should come to 5th place.

Finally 2nd place is empty. So X will come to the right of P.

1 2 3 4 5 6.
P X S Z R A.

Dev said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Possible sequences:

P X S Z R A.

P S Z X R A.

P S Z R X A.

These all are valid locations of X.

If you don't know the answer, don't try to create a confusion here.

Yerappa said: (Nov 4, 2015)  
Circle type is correct answer please find out that.

Aniket said: (Dec 14, 2015)  
First of all in 6 words xz in middle.

A and P at end. There is condition states that R is left of A. Because A, is at last position and then x remained. That's it because proper sequence is PXSZRA.

Nagesh said: (Feb 24, 2016)  
Why can't we put r beside p?

Som said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
How we conclude, on which direction they are facing?

Alaka said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Please mention the direction where all the person face.

Javeed Basha Syed said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Though the answer is correct how ever the sequence can also be P X "Z S" R A besides P X "S Z" R A.

Prakhar said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
But it is not mentioned that R is immediate left of A, So how R can be placed on that position?

Shiva Sagar said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
ARSZXP and PXSZRA both are correct because they have not mentioned any direction and in both the cases the answer is 'X'.

Meghali Kutum said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
Yes, The correct order is P X S Z R A.

Priyanka Kumari said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
The correct order is PXSZRA.

Mahesh said: (Nov 25, 2016)  
The order of the arrangement is PXSZRA.

Monika said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Why it can't prszxa?

Here also r to the left of A it is not mention immediate left.

Eali Bal said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
It also can be written as ARSZXP.

Akshat said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
It is not mentioned that they are facing in which direction. Then how to find it?

Vamsi said: (Feb 18, 2017)  

It can't be ARSZXP because "R" is to the left of A and A is in a corner.

Vanshika said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
Hey, I think that the question is wrong as it is saying that A and P are in ends so A can be in any end and P can be in any end which means that the end S place of both is not specific and so everybody will put it in their way and all the answers will come out differently.

Sumit said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
It can be PRSZXA.

It is saying that r is to the left of A so it can be placed in 2nd place.

So, the answer can be R.

Jafar Rizvi said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
It can be PSZXRA.

All conditions follow.

Give reason if someone not agree.

Raja Sekhara Reddy said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
R is sitting to the left of A, but they are not mentioned immediate left of A .

So 'PRSZXA' also correct.

Priya Jyoti Kumari said: (Sep 5, 2017)  
PZSXRA or PSZXRA arrangement is also possible. Then how X is right of P?

Tarang D said: (Sep 26, 2017)  
Is the sequence PXZSRA possible?

Guna said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
The Direction isn't given then how to solve this?

Franklin said: (Nov 27, 2017)  
Can it be in the form- ARSZXP? And in this form, the answer remains same.

Supriya said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
The seating arrangement could also be following

P R S Z X A.
Since its mentioned that R is to the left of A so R can be next left i.e at 2nd position from A or from last but one from P.

In the question, it's just mentioned R is to the left of A and not immediate left. So the given sequence should also be correct i.e P R S Z X A.

Ashmitha said: (May 2, 2018)  
According to me, the Seating arrangement was given wrong because they have given that A, P, R, X, S, and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. According to them the order would be: A R S Z X P and the question is wrong also as they did not mention the place of the letter '' X''. The end is P so there is no letter beside P and the option should be none of the above

Sam said: (May 24, 2018)  
Could the arrangement be A R S Z X P also? Please tell me.

Lakshmi Benur said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
How do we know whether they are facing towards North or South?

Aditi said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
I agree @Rashmi.

Vishnureddy said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
I got the sitting arrangement as follows.

A P S Z X P.

Is it right?

Gsuevej said: (Apr 19, 2019)  
How can we say that who is first? Please tell me.

Vrinda said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
It can even be R as it is not mentioned that R is at the immediate left of A.

Jaipal said: (Oct 18, 2019)  
According to question, s and z is the middle but doesn't mention the position , So the take the position s and z is . . s/z. .z/s . .

Arjun said: (Dec 10, 2019)  
Insufficient information given in the question, there may raise 4 possible sequences and all are correct.


Since, it is not given that weather R is at immediate left to A or not.
So, there might be two possible sequences, ie, (1)PXSZRA and (2)PRSZXA.

Also, order for the middle letters S and Z is not given.
So, we can also write sequence as (3)PXZSRA and (4)PRSZXA.

Shekhar Sakharam Patole said: (Jan 27, 2020)  
How can we say that who is first? Please tell me.

Chekwemoi Merab said: (May 10, 2020)  

They said A and P are at the ends, that's not just enough for you to know where each of them lies but the fact that they said are lies to the left of A there you realize A must be at the right end then P at the left end.

So the pattern will be PXSZRA or PXZSRA, I hope it helps.

Kavitha said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
I am not understanding this.

Pooja said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
It is wrong. Because it is not mentioned here that R is to the immediate left of A. And because of this there are many possibilities for P and R.

Vivek Kumar said: (Jun 9, 2021)  
A,P,R,X,S and Z are sittion in a row, If X and Z are sitting in the center then the possibility will be as below.

_ _ SZ_ _
_ _ ZS_ _.

After that in the question, it is given that A and P are at ends. then the possibility will be

After that it is mentioned in the question that R is sitting to the left of A. then there is only two possible solutions as below.

in the above, cases the space is available on the right to P. and the only X is remaining to sit.
Hence the sitting arrangement will be like this:

And in both cases X is to the right of P.

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