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Which number is on the face opposite to 6?

Answer: Option
As the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 are adjacent to 6. Hence the number on the face opposite to 6 is 1.
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Isis Rowe said:   6 years ago
What rule to follow?

How to predict it?

Satya said:   7 years ago
Here we can see 3 &4 dice i.e 4 is common in both,

Write the no. In anticlockwise shown below:-
In 3 dice: 4,6,5
In 4 dice: 4,1,2
From above it is very clear that 6 is opposite to 1.

Hema said:   7 years ago
Very nice explanation, thank you.

Kamaljeet said:   7 years ago
Shortest answer. First, see the dice 1st and after then see dice 4th. 2 number is same place but the top change 6 places the 1. Then simply is and 6 opposite 1. And 1 opposite 6.

Binod said:   9 years ago
Check all adjacent to 6 you can easily found 1.

Sundar said:   1 decade ago
Let me tell you an small trick to answer this kind of question in exams.

Just look carefully the first dice, from that we can find that 3 and 2 are adjacent to 6 (that means option D, C cannot be the answer).

Look the second dice, from that we can easily find that 4 is adjacent to 6 (Option A also cannot be the answer).

Rest is option B only. (Hence the answer) !

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