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Which digit will appear on the face opposite to the face with number 4?

[A]. 3
[B]. 5
[C]. 6
[D]. 2/3

Answer: Option A


Here the common faces with number 3, are in same positions. Hence 6 is opposite to 2 and 5 is opposite to 1. Therefore 4 is opposite to 3.

Sagar Rayamajhi said: (May 16, 2011)  
I didn't understand. Two dice signifies what?

Loku said: (May 1, 2013)  
Can any one explains the dice rules clearly?

Kapil Meena said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
Take 3 as a common in both box and go clock wise in both box.

In 1st box 3 1 2.
In 2nd box 3 5 6.

1 opposite to 5.
2 opposite to 6.
3 remain which is opposite to 4.

Narayana Rao Gartam said: (Jun 11, 2014)  
In Both different dice 3 is at same position, Here the dice was rotated upward direction. Out of 6 faces now we can see all 5 side which are adjacent to 3, so the number which is not visible to us is the opposite number of 3.

Ajish said: (Dec 4, 2014)  
If a particular number appears on same side in both cases the remaining numbers will be adjacent to each other and missing number will be opposite of the same number.

In this problem. 1 - 5, 2 - 6, 3 - 4. There 3 will be the answer.

Ankur Singh said: (Jul 9, 2016)  
If adjacent side number has sum 7 then opposite side have sum 7.

Shashank Shrey said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
You are right @Kapil Meena.

Kamal said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
@Kapil Meena.

Yes, your method is right. I'm also attempt this same type.

Ajay said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
Because the dice is stantered dice.

Aparna Shaji said: (Mar 31, 2019)  
Here, we have to just add the opp faces number then you will always get a sum of 7.

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