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Discussion Forum : Data Sufficiency - Section 3 (Q.No. 5)
Directions to Solve

In each of the following problems, there is one question and three statements I, II and III given below the question. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question. Read all the statements carefully and find which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the given question. Choose the correct alternative in each question.


Question: Who among Siddhartha, Nikunj, Vipul and Mukul is the youngest?


  1. Vipul is younger than Mukul but older than Siddhartha and Nikunj.
  2. Mukul is the oldest.
  3. Siddhartha is older than Nikunj.

Only I
Only I and II
Only II and III
Only I and III
None of these
Answer: Option

From I, we have: M > V, V > S, V > N ...(i)

From II, we have: Mukul is the oldest ...(ii)

From III, we have: S > N ...(iii)

Combining (i) and (iii), we get :M > V, V >S > N or M>V > S > N. Clearly, Nikunj is the youngest.

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