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Directions to Solve

In each of the following problems, there is one question and three statements I, II and III given below the question. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question. Read all the statements carefully and find which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the given question. Choose the correct alternative in each question.


Question: How is 'DATE' written in the code language ?


  1. DEAR is written as $#@? in that code.
  2. TREAT is written as %?#@% in that code.
  3. TEAR is written as %#@? in that code,

Only I and II
Only II and III
All I, II and III
Only I and either II or III
None of these
Answer: Option

Observing I, II and III, we find that similar letters have similar code symbols at the corresponding places in the code. So, this is direct-coding.

Thus, to find the code for DATE, we need the code for D which can be obtained from I only (i.e. $.) and the codes for A, T and E which can be obtained either from II or III (@, # and % respectively).

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Hitesh Bajoria said:   9 years ago
Actually how can we obtain the code for E and A? So answer is E.

Vid said:   3 years ago
The right Answer is E.

Sachin Khetarpal said:   10 years ago
How can we obtain the code for E & A ? It is common to all the three statements.

Thrilok said:   4 years ago
Answer is A because by I answer II we get $@%#.

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