Verbal Reasoning - Cube and Cuboid - Discussion

A cube is cut in two equal parts along a plane parallel to one of its faces. One piece is then coloured red on the two larger faces and green on the remaining, while the other is coloured green on two smaller adjacent faces and red on the remaining. Each is then cut into 32 cubes of same size and mixed up.


How many cubes have only one coloured face each ?

[A]. 32
[B]. 8
[C]. 16
[D]. 0

Answer: Option C


8 from (I) and 8 from (II)

Therefore 8 from each.

Sachin said: (Oct 13, 2012)  
Thats right because 1 face paint is only midle red is top and bottom & 8 top & 8 bottom so is 16.

Priyanka said: (Apr 16, 2014)  
Can anybody explain how are the cubes being divided here?

Megha J said: (Jul 1, 2020)  
Yes. Consider the first cube. (Fig. 1).

There are 16 cubes on top of another 16 cubes. That makes it a total of 32.

The top and base are painted red (given).

All other sides are painted green (given).

Only the eight cubes in the centre have one colour only. (4 cubes from the top and 4 cubes from bottom). Any other cube would have both red and green colour on at least two sides.

Similarly, the other cube. Only colours are switched this time.

Gagan said: (Aug 30, 2020)  
Thanks @Megha J.

Gagan said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
Right, Thanks @Megha J.

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