Verbal Reasoning - Cube and Cuboid - Discussion

All the six faces of a cube of a cube are coloured with six different colours - black, brown, green, red, white and blue.

  1. Red face is opposite to the black face.
  2. Green face is between red and black faces.
  3. Blue face is adjacent to white face.
  4. Brown face is adjacent to blue face.
  5. Red face is in the bottom.


The upper face is _________

[A]. White
[B]. Black
[C]. Brown
[D]. None of these

Answer: Option B


Prabhu said: (Aug 28, 2011)  
Why can't we take,

Back face - white.

Left face - blue.

Right face - brown ?

Fathima said: (Jun 21, 2013)  

If we take like you said, 4th condition cannot be satisfied (Brown face is adjacent to blue face).


Raanu said: (Aug 15, 2019)  
Why can't we take ABCD as blue and EFGH as green?

Vishal said: (Dec 14, 2019)  
I am not able to understand can you please upload a video of this.

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