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In each of the following questions, five words have been given out of which four are alike in some manner, while the fifth one is different. Choose the word which is different from the rest.


Choose the word which is different from the rest.

[A]. Cap
[B]. Turban
[C]. Helmet
[D]. Veil
[E]. Hat

Answer: Option D


All except Veil cover the head, while veil covers the face.

Ashwini said: (Jul 31, 2012)  
What does veil means ?

Sanorita said: (Nov 17, 2013)  
A piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face.

Sonam said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
What is turban?

Sonam1 said: (Dec 3, 2016)  

It is a type of head wear based on cloth winding. Featuring many variations, it is worn as customary head wear primarily by men.

Priyank said: (May 31, 2018)  
What is turban?

Pragati said: (Jul 16, 2019)  
Tell me the Meaning of veil and turban.

Anu said: (May 20, 2020)  
Veil is a scarf and turban is a cloth used to cover the head by men.

Bha said: (Jul 16, 2021)  
Veil is used to cover face but rest used to cover head.

Tanya said: (Jul 31, 2021)  
The helmet also covered the face too. Then why not C?

Siddharth said: (Jul 4, 2022)  
Exactly, Helmet covers the face as well. So, the answer should be a Helmet because every other item is an accessory but a helmet is a protection.

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