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In each of the following questions, some groups of letters are given, all of which, except one, share a common similarity while one is different. Choose the odd one out.

Choose the odd one out.
Answer: Option

In all other groups, first and second as well as third and fourth letters are consecutive and the third letter occupies the same position from Z backward as the first occupies from A onward.

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Yashwant Kumar said:   2 years ago
1. BCYZ= B-Y.
2. EFVW= E-V.
3. HIUV=H-V.
4. JKQR=J-Q.
5. ABZA=A-Z.
All are reverse except option C.

Isha Agrawal said:   3 years ago
In this question, the 2&3 letter sum should be 28 but in option C it doesn't satisfy the condition's sum is not 28 that's why it is an odd one?

Itu said:   6 years ago
Explain me. Any one here?

Shubham said:   8 years ago
I didn't get it. Please explain.

Neha said:   9 years ago
There are repeated letters in E.

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