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Introducing a man, a woman said, "He is the only son of the mother of my mother." How is the woman related to the man?
Maternal aunt
Answer: Option
The man is the only son of the mother of the woman. Hence, the man is the maternal uncle of the woman. So, the woman is the niece of the man.
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User name said:   2 weeks ago
According to me, the right answer is sister.

Lalit raut said:   1 month ago
I think maternal aunt should be the answer to this question.

Partha said:   2 years ago
The Correct answer will be B.

Sujith said:   3 years ago
Hey @Ustaad.

Read this question in reverse format.

Here the question is women said, so (my) is a female.

My mother means that women's mother.

And the mother of my mother means that women's grandmother
Only son of the mother of my mother means that grandmother has two children one that women's and another one is that son.
Here the women and that son are brothers and sisters.
So we call sisters daughter as niece.

Hope you understand , thankyou

Ustaad said:   3 years ago
In question, it's mentioned the only son, so how there can be a woman also? Please explain.

Maryada said:   4 years ago
The Correct answer is the niece
Mother of my mother = my grandmother
The man is grandmother son (according to question)
Hence, he will be my maternal uncle and I am his niece.

Hope you understand!

Sam said:   4 years ago
The Correct answer is sister.

Anugrah said:   6 years ago
Mother of woman's mother will be the woman's grandmother.

The man is the son of the woman's grandmother.

So, the man is the brother of the woman's mother.

Hence, the man is the woman's maternal uncle and the woman will be his niece.

Aayush said:   6 years ago
Correct and Women's mother's son therefore women's maternal uncle. Hence women is his nice.

Mani said:   6 years ago
Please explain it clearly.

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