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If X + Y means X is the daughter of Y; X - Y means X is the brother of Y; X % Y means X is the father of Y and X x Y means X is the sister of Y. Which of the following means I is the niece of J?
J - N % C x I
I x C - N % J
J + M x C % I
I x C + N - J
Answer: Option

I x C → I is the sister of C

C + N → C is the daughter of N

and N - J → N is the brother of I.

Hence, I is niece of J.

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Amru said:   3 years ago
Its clearly given in option A, C & I are sisters, so I is a girl. Then how come option A is incorrect? Please explain.

Rechal said:   3 years ago
Why not option A? Please explain.

Pratik said:   5 years ago
Well said, Thanks @Itika.

Arpita said:   6 years ago
Here the answer is D because I is girl and in option A the gender of I is not known.

ITIKA said:   1 decade ago
D is more appropriate answer bcz in option A v r nt given the sex of I (it could b a boy or a girl i.e I could b nephew of J too) so D is more appropriate.

SKHAN said:   1 decade ago
- -
- -
A is correct !!!!!!!!!! FRIEND

Jid said:   1 decade ago
Option A is definitely correct!!!! Livid.

MS Choudhary said:   1 decade ago
Hi guess even the option-A is correct.lets see the explanation by me.

J - N % C x I
1)j-N means: J is brother of N
2)N%C means: N is the father of C
3)C*I means: C is the sister of I



So it's clearly saying that N is father for both C and I.
Hence I becomes the niece for J.

Kannan said:   1 decade ago
Hey actually I is a girl,

N is the Brother of J.

Since I is the daughter of N,

I is the niece for J.

NIECE means the daughter of our brother/sister.

Jasmine said:   1 decade ago
How? can you explain?

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