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'Reading' is related to 'knowledge' in the same way as 'Work' is related to:
Answer: Option
As 'Knowledge' is achieved by 'Reading' in the same way 'Experience' is achieved by 'Work'.
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Halid said:   9 months ago
By reading, we get knowledge and By working we money.

Abhinav said:   3 years ago
Answer should be money.

Process: Reading gives you knowlegde, in the same way, Working gives you money.

So, answer is money [Option A].

Sachin Baraddi said:   4 years ago

If work is related to money then reading must be related to gain marks. So, the work is related to the experience if reading is related to knowledge.

Kumud Singh said:   5 years ago
Agree @Leonila.

Leonila said:   6 years ago
I guess experience may be correct because it's something intangible that we gain from working that could never be stolen from us, so is knowledge.

Ait said:   7 years ago
Work is always related to money.

Timesh said:   10 years ago
Thats general but technically by work we gain money likewise by reading we gain money.

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