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Directions to Solve
Each of the following questions has a group. Find out which one of the given alternatives will be another member of the group or of that class.

Lock, Shut, Fasten
Answer: Option
The synonym of Lock, Shut and Fasten is Block.
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Kunal kamble said:   4 months ago
Block should be correct as all these operations are done in order for safety.

For EG; we fasten the seat belt in the car to avoid/block accidents.

Similarly, shut/lock is done to avoid/block any mishap to happen while we are in the house.

S Prahadeeswari said:   6 months ago
Yes, the answer will be Door/Window.

How it will be Block? Explain please.

Maibigbutt said:   5 years ago
I agree to Emma from a year ago.

Emma said:   7 years ago
Nope, all are actions performed on Door/Window (if they have locks). They are definitely not synonymous.

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