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Directions to Solve
In each of the following questions find out the alternative which will replace the question mark.

Answer: Option
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Harsh Kumar said:   2 months ago
If you see ZRYQ, the difference between ZY and RQ is of 6 alphabets similarly for KCJB.

But for PWOV the difference between PO and WV is 5 alphabets. So, only ELDK satisfies that.

Lahari said:   7 months ago
Z-26 R-18 K-11 J-10 P-16 O-15
Y-25 Q-17 C-3 B-2 W-23 V-22

Here the difference is for the alternative letters,

Similarly in options;
ELDK follows this, so, it will be the answer.

Jay said:   2 years ago
Thanks for explaining the answer.

Agada Samel said:   2 years ago
This question is very technical and logical to understand, however,

Example: Z+11->K, R+11->C,Y+11->J,Q+11->B =>KCJB.

When you solve for " ZRYQ ", you move forward 11 times, if you want to solve for " PWOV ", you move backwards 11 times with that you get the right answer to be " ELDK "

P - 11 =E, W-11=L., O - 11 =D, V-11 =K

I hope this is helpful.

Nisikanta Meleka said:   2 years ago
Please explain the correct answer.

Babu Bhaiyya said:   3 years ago
Agree, with your answer @Md Gulfam.

Md. Gulfam said:   4 years ago
According to me, it is AHZG.

AMIT said:   4 years ago
Its too simple guys:

Z-1Y R-1Q
K-1J C-1B
P-1O W-1V
E-1D L-1K

SHAVEZ said:   4 years ago
K+=Z, C+15=R, J+15=Y, B+15=Q;
=> P+15=E, W+15=L, O+15=D, V+15=K.

Varalakshmi said:   5 years ago
Z+11is K,
R+11is C,
Y+11 is J,
Q+11 is B.

Answer- > P-11 is E, W-11 is L, O-11 is D, V-11 is K.

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