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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Answer: Option
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Seema said:   4 years ago
Symphony is a composition of music and Fresco is a person who sings as well as make paintings on water.

Viji said:   5 years ago
Symphony is a technique used by the composer to create music and also fresco is a technique used by the painter to paint a picture. So, option B is correct.

Shalu said:   6 years ago
As, composer compose music, so painter paints fresco.

So, option B is definitely correct.

Suryaa said:   6 years ago
What about art : appreciation?

Mayuri said:   7 years ago
Fresco -painting done in water colour.

Sabuj said:   7 years ago
Presco collected painter.

Leonardo dicaprio said:   8 years ago
Leonardo : Oscar.

Himanshu said:   10 years ago
@Priya, he is an inventor too.

By the way, in my opinion, the second option should be a common noun. So, all the options are ruled out, and we are left with B(painter).

Tejaswani said:   1 decade ago
Symphony is exactly composition of music only, and a person is painter with water.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
Leonardo - Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the Italian Renaissance (1452-1519)

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