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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Answer: Option
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Priya said:   6 years ago
Blind can't see & dumb can't speak, so the answer is A.

Arpita Roy said:   6 years ago
Blind is related to light. Speech is related to dumb.

Raga said:   6 years ago
For Blind, Light has no meaning. Similarly, giving a speech to a dumb has no meaning.

Deaf can't listen a language but can read a language.

Tara said:   7 years ago
This doesn't make sense to me. A lot of dumb people still have the ability to speak and give speeches.

Abc said:   7 years ago
Dumb can't able to speak.

Noor said:   7 years ago
Light is the opposite of dark so if he said light that means that in order to get a dark color we should blend it with another color.

So if he said that the answer is speech: dumb that is probably because speeches are by smart people and the opposite of smart is dumb.

Kb khan said:   7 years ago
Blind is always in a state opposite to light, similarly the dumb is always in a state opposite to speech.

Raghav said:   7 years ago
Yes I too agree option A is right.

SHEELA said:   8 years ago
Yes I also agree, option A is the correct one.

Soorya said:   8 years ago
Option A is the correct answer.

Without light we become blind.

Without speech we become dumb.

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