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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Answer: Option
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Laxmi Sharma said:   7 months ago
Nice questions. Thanks.

Sarath Chandra said:   2 years ago
Hope is a small thing just to think that it would be nice if it happens. But aspire is bigger form of hope. It's a strong will to become something.

Similarly, fib is just a small lie to escape from something and lie is something bigger than fib.

So, option C is correct.

Surekha said:   6 years ago
Hope can have aspires.

Love can not have elevated.

Film and flam not at all related (film movie film, flame means to escape from something we will something).

Fib is a childish lie.

Fake (not real) /ordinary (normal). This is also not at all related. So, FIB can be lie.

Option C is correct.

Komal said:   6 years ago
Why not option A?

Can anyone give me clarity?

Ebrima said:   8 years ago
I don't understand the logic behind finding this answer.

Sabbir Kaif said:   9 years ago
Hope; when gets matured it becomes Aspires. Similarly, fib (little falsehood) when gets matured it becomes lie. So, Hope : Aspires, Fib : Lie.

Naveesh aarthi said:   9 years ago
I can't understand.

UDHAYA said:   9 years ago
Hope: Something to be happened in the future.

Aspire: Wanted to become as something in the future.

Fab: Small lie.

Lie: Lie.

Anjana said:   1 decade ago
Fib means an unimportant lie.

Jagadeesh kumar said:   1 decade ago
Fib means a small lie; very minor thing similarly hope means aspiring (want or desire) something.

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