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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

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Rahul said:   5 years ago
Chicken is the flesh of rooster and but that's in reversal order.

Shivi said:   5 years ago
Calf : small male cow.
Steer : small male cow.
Heifer : small female cow.

Marx said:   7 years ago
Mutton also means meat of goat.

Micah said:   7 years ago
They both are farm animals.

Pintu said:   8 years ago
Rooster means male hen.

Chicken refers female.

Subrat kumar nayak said:   8 years ago
Why not it's C?

As pork is the flesh of pig used as food likewise lobster is the flesh of crustacean used as food.

Tejaswi said:   8 years ago
Right answer is B.

Because pork flesh is form pig & meat flesh is form sheep.

Sabbir Kaif said:   9 years ago
Why not C? As mutton is the meat of Sheep; beef is the meat of steer.

So, why not C? Is there any law in analogy that the direction of the elements in pairs have to be followed. If direction matters here, C can't be the answer by any means.

Prashanth said:   10 years ago
Pig's meat is called pork whereas sheep's meat is called mutton.

Aditya said:   1 decade ago
Rooster is a male chicken.

Where as Pork and pig means : Pork is the meat of pig.

Hence answer is B.

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