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Directions to Solve
Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Answer: Option
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Srinithi said:   6 years ago
Mundane means belonging to this earth or world and Spiritual refers ghostly/religious/sacred i.e., unworldly so the answer is option B.

Pratik said:   6 years ago
Mundane means boring, but it also has another meaning - worldly or earthly. Earthly and Spiritual are kind of antonyms, so B is the only correct option.

Deepak said:   6 years ago
I disagree with because worldly and unworldly are antonyms, whereas mundane and spiritual quite irrelevant to each other.

Indra prasad said:   7 years ago

It is not right.

Worldly and unworldly are having the correct meanings which are opposite to each other so.

Option B is correct.

Asdfghkl said:   8 years ago
I agree with you @Logeshwari.

Option D is also right.

Logeshwari said:   9 years ago
Secular means worldly.

Clerical means unworldly.

So option D is also right.

Explain me if my logic were wrong?

Saura said:   9 years ago
Please explain in brief how to compare the words? It is necessary to know the exact meaning or any logic is there?

Prerna said:   9 years ago
Secular and clerical are also opposite, so why not D?

Shiva chowdary said:   1 decade ago
Spiritual = concerns with spirit or soul(not existence->unworldly).

Mundane = existence(worldly).

Sanjib said:   1 decade ago
Mundane = natural.

Spiritual = super natural.

So the option B is correct.

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