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In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.


The thief outwitted the constable on some pretext and disappeared on the way to the police station.

[A]. defeated
[B]. be fooled
[C]. cheated
[D]. outmanoeuvred

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Mint said: (May 11, 2011)  
Defeated? really? that sounds so inappropriate. Be fooled or simply, "fooled" would be a much better option in my humble opinion.

Maddy said: (Jul 8, 2011)  
Fooled can be used instead.

Sanjay said: (Jul 20, 2011)  
Outmanoeuvred is given in the dictionary. Check it out.

Avi said: (Aug 16, 2011)  
Outwit means using intelligence to defeat.

Somnath said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Why not cheat ?

Hraj said: (Apr 21, 2015)  
Why not cheat?

Manas said: (Aug 14, 2015)  
Fooled is more appropriate and not defeated.

Xakir said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
I think defeat is the best option in the context of the sentence. Outmaneuver is a synonym of outwit but you have to consider the word pretext which means an excuse. A pretext is an excuse to do something or say something that is not accurate.

Kuldeep said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
Fooled is far more appropriate than defeated, OUTWITTED means beat through cleverness and wit.

Amrita said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
The answer should be "be fooled". Am I right?

Khushboo Jha said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Why not cheated?

D.K. said: (Sep 18, 2016)  
Can anyone give the correct answer?

Balaji said: (Jan 15, 2017)  
Defeated means war but in sentence it says that some 'pretext' that directly belongs to be fooled so I think the correct answer is 'be fooled'.

S Prajeeth said: (Apr 23, 2017)  
According to me, OUTWIT means to fool someone in an ingenious way.

Rustic said: (Aug 1, 2017)  
'Outwit' is got cheated by ingenious people.

I think it should be cheated. Antonym of 'outwit' is defeat.

Kriti said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
It's meaning is defeat.

Jayeeta said: (May 13, 2018)  

I agree with you I also think to be fooled should be the answer.

Sarvesha said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Outwit is to fool. So be fooled is wrong. The dictionary meaning is outmanoeuvre which is the answer.

Chinmai said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
Why not be cheated or outmanoeuvred? Can anyone help with this?

Pallavi said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
In the sentence, they have clearly mentioned about the 'pretext' which means silly reason, Am I right?

Satya Prakash Singhj said: (Oct 15, 2019)  
Outmanoeuvre is the answer. It is given in the dictionary.

Hardeep said: (Oct 18, 2020)  
Outmanoeuvred is the right answer.

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