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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Bliss
[B]. Depression
[C]. Indecency
[D]. Recession

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Rahul said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
indecent: distasteful, immodest, indecorous, indelicate; coarse, outrageous, rude, gross; obscene, filthy, lewd, licentious

offending against generally accepted standards of propriety or good taste; improper; vulgar: indecent jokes; indecent language; indecent behaviour.

not decent; unbecoming or unseemly: indecent haste.

Pranay said: (Feb 27, 2011)  
Can anyone be more clear with this?

Swathi said: (Mar 12, 2011)  
Say other meaning for this?

Sonu said: (Jul 12, 2011)  
SALACITY: obscene; grossly indecent.

Vikram said: (Aug 23, 2011)  
SALACITY: lustful or lecherous behavior that means indecency.

Shanti said: (Sep 21, 2011)  
Lewdness of speech.

Prasanna said: (Jan 3, 2012)  
Can any one give me example?

Genelia said: (Nov 21, 2013)  
An indecent or improper act.

Madhav said: (Dec 10, 2013)  
Salacity means the trait behaving in obscene manner. So answer is indecent.

B Ramu said: (Dec 27, 2013)  
Salacity: the trait of behaving in an obscene manner.

Sudha said: (Jul 17, 2014)  
Can anyone tell me what is "bliss"?

Vikram Singh Shekhawat said: (Sep 9, 2014)  
What does this bliss mean?

Shrads said: (Sep 10, 2014)  
Bliss means happiness.

Pooja Singh said: (Sep 12, 2014)  
Salacity is basically related to behavior in obscene manner.

Anu said: (Jun 22, 2015)  
Indecency explain with example please?

Nithya said: (Aug 21, 2015)  
What is the meaning of recession?

Salahuddin said: (Aug 23, 2015)  
Bliss means perfect happiness.

Srikanth said: (Aug 24, 2015)  
Recession synonyms: Collapse, stagnation, deflation.

Antonyms: Increase, success.

Ankit said: (Oct 18, 2015)  
Not the general standards of behavior.

Irfan said: (Jan 31, 2018)  
Salacity means the trait behaving in obscene manner. So answer is indecent.

Mihir said: (Feb 28, 2019)  
Can anyone please explain with example?

Anwaysh said: (Jan 18, 2020)  
Please explain it with an example.

Sirisha said: (Aug 29, 2020)  
Please explain this in detail.

Saravana said: (Dec 16, 2020)  
Bliss means perfect happiness.

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