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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

Answer: Option
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Tejaswini Gouda said:   4 weeks ago
The Right answer is option D because Obese means fat.

GGtimes said:   3 months ago
Corpulent - Fat.
Lean - Thin.
Gaunt - Thin.
Emaciated - Thin.
Obese - Fat.

Anomie said:   4 months ago
Corpulent Means Fat.
Lean Means Thin Or Slim.
Gaunt Means Thin Or Slim.
Emaciated Means Thin.
Obese Means Very Fat.

So, the right Answer is D.

Sarvesh chitkeshiwar said:   6 months ago
Corpulent means very fat.

Keralem mengistie tiruneh said:   8 months ago
The correct answer is D.

Muskan Sudarshan said:   8 months ago
Corpulent means very fat.

Tarikayehu Abebe said:   9 months ago
Very good session. Thanks all.

HIMSKY said:   9 months ago
Obese means very fat.

P boje said:   11 months ago
Thanks everyone.

Nandhini said:   11 months ago
Corpulent -excessive fat.

(i.e) : Obese.

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