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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Punish
[B]. Curse
[C]. Dismiss
[D]. Reprimand

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sonam said: (Jul 25, 2010)  
1. To reprove gently but earnestly.
2. To counsel (another) against something to be avoided; caution.
3. To remind of something forgotten or disregarded, as an obligation or a responsibility.

Kumar said: (Oct 1, 2010)  
To rebuilt

Ashish Tripathi said: (Dec 15, 2010)  
A formal expression of disapproval.

Vipul Raut said: (Dec 31, 2010)  
It is a statement of disapproval.
Tell someone that they have done something wrong.
admonish=reprimand .

Ritika said: (Jul 15, 2011)  
To reproof someone in a mild way.

Manikandan said: (Aug 29, 2011)  
This is one of the statement of disapproval.

Ritika said: (Nov 19, 2011)  
Reprimand means?

Ashuu said: (Apr 23, 2012)  
Reprimand : To reprove severely, especially in a formal or official way.

Praveen Kumar said: (Dec 26, 2013)  
Admonish = criticize, warm. Counsel, advise,

Ex: I warned him not to go too far.

She warned him to be quiet.

Raghuraj said: (Nov 10, 2014)  
A formal reproof; reprehension, private or public.

Nagendra said: (Dec 27, 2015)  
Admonish means to tell someone he/she doing wrong.

Sweth said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
Admonish, abuse, accuse, defame, reprimand, blame, reproach, opprobrium, rap, condemn means Criticise others.

Harish Arya said: (Dec 9, 2018)  
Reprimand = To tell someone that they have done something wrong.

Supriya said: (Jul 19, 2021)  

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