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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

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Abhishek Kumar Ray said:   5 months ago
Warrior is a person who has experienced in conflict or in battle i.e Soldier is known as warrior.

MOAVIA AKBAR said:   7 months ago

In short, a pirate is historically someone who engages in robbery and violence at sea, or in a modern context, it can refer to someone who engages in unauthorized copying or distribution of digital content.

Trilok Acharya said:   1 year ago
Warrior means a soldier, fighter.

Selvakumari.M said:   6 years ago
Can anybody say the Correct meaning of warrior?

Naseema said:   8 years ago
Warrior means a soldier.

Neha said:   8 years ago
Pirate- pirate ship.

For ex: one Hollywood movie is pirates of Caribbean- samudri lutere.

Spy - undercover agent.

Kishore said:   8 years ago
Is this verbal ability enough for attempting the interviews? Please give reply.

Shabnam said:   8 years ago
What is the difference between soldier and sailor?

Sourabh shastri said:   9 years ago
A person who is brave is known as warrior.

Radhika V G said:   9 years ago
The definition of warrior is a person experienced in conflict or battle.

An example of worrier is a soldier.

An example of worrier is a person who is actively involved in stopping neighborhood drug problems, a neighborhood worrier.

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