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Discussion :: Synonyms - Section 1 (Q.No.20)

In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Results
[B]. Conclusions
[C]. Difficulties
[D]. Applications

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Ashutosh said: (Dec 7, 2010)  
what is the difference between results and conclusion

Nikhil said: (Dec 12, 2010)  
Results-it is something that happens because of something else
Conclusion-it is agreement or judgement

Harpreet Singh said: (Dec 12, 2010)  
conclusion is the essence of something.all the things in breif.

result is what a action become to... i.e consequences

Satya said: (Dec 23, 2010)  
I agree with Nikil

Shashank said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
conclusion means what we observed at last and result gives the actual value..

Urvashi said: (Jan 25, 2011)  
consequences are the certain conditions which may arise during or after an act

Meipugazh said: (Jun 30, 2011)  
Result that follows by some previous results. Conclution is opinion or judgement.

Chandra said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
Consequnces means outcome of something so result is appropriate word rather then applications.

Hussain said: (Mar 23, 2013)  
Conclusion is our perception and result is output of any activity or an event.

Chitwan said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Result is an output of some input that one gives.

& Consequence is an after effect of some process.

Yoga Bhai said: (Apr 7, 2014)  
I guess it should be difficulties. Result is a term which has been done but the consequences means the problems and other conditions in any problems.

Nagaraj said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
Consequences meaning is set of causes and results. So option A is correct.

Rahul Gupta said: (Feb 7, 2015)  
Conclusion is the last part of any activity/thing.

Result and consequences are the effect of that activity/thing.

Guru said: (Aug 11, 2015)  
Consequences is getting something after happening.

Savitha said: (Jan 25, 2016)  
Consequence :- Result or importance.

Result :- A final score or mark in a contest or examination.

Conclusions :- An ending or an opinion reached.

Difficulties :- Needing much effort or skill to do, deal with, or understand.

Applications :- A formal request or sustained hard work, the action of applying something.

Lineth said: (May 6, 2016)  
According to me, the answer should be difficulties.

Because after results you have to face the consequences. So, that you have to face the difficulties.

Anshul said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Both Result and consequence are "effect" for a "cause" but the conclusion is the final judgement for a discussion.

Srividya said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Thanku you all for the explanation.

Ridima said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
Thank you @Nikhil.

Sajjad said: (Sep 13, 2017)  
Consequences means what an all problems we face.

Results mean outcome.

Navya said: (Jun 19, 2019)  
I agree with you, @Anshul.

Noyal said: (Jan 8, 2021)  
Application means?

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