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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



[A]. Condemn
[B]. Reprimand
[C]. Accuse
[D]. Allege

Answer: Option C


Meanings: formally accuse of a crime (Law); accuse, charge, criticize

Praveen said: (Jul 2, 2010)  

Deepti said: (Aug 24, 2010)  
Just to use them by making sentences.

Surpriya said: (Oct 12, 2010)  
Reprimand: to reprove or rebuke severely in a formal way

M!R@ said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
Can anyone tel me the meaning of Reprimand & Condemn ?

Sundar said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
condemn: Express complete disapproval of, typically in public; censure

reprimand: Rebuke (someone), esp. officially

Sunita said: (Apr 2, 2011)  
Any one tell me mening of allege.

Sundar said: (Apr 3, 2011)  
Allege: Claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case

Meipugazh said: (Jun 30, 2011)  
Allege: to assert without proof.

Swathi said: (Sep 18, 2011)  
I didn't get the exact meanings of all the four words.

Can anyone tell me?

Laxmikant said: (Sep 24, 2011)  

Example: He has allegedly stolen the car.

Here it isn't cofirmed that he stole car really, further investigation is required to confirm.

Saqib said: (Nov 20, 2011)  
Indict means Accuse formally of a crime. So its synonym is accuse.

Pulkit said: (Aug 17, 2012)  
@saqib: the same meaning is written in dictionary. will u please explain?

Ashwini said: (May 29, 2013)  
Indict is someone being charged with a crime.

Condemn is to sentence a murderer to life in prison.

Reprimand is being asked to leave a restaurant by the restaurant manager.

Accuse is to say another person is at fault for doing something wrong.

Allege means to say something unproven or something without any facts to verify it.

So, accuse is the correct meaning for indict.

Ankit.W. said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Indict(verb) is defined as to accuse or formally charge someone with a wrongdoing.

An example of indict is someone being charged with a crime.
origin : Alteration of 'to accuse'

Condemn(v) : To pronounce judgment against
To express strong disapproval

Reprimand(n) is a formal scolding by a person of power.

An example of reprimand is a group of teenagers being told by a police officer they are wrong to be in the park after it's closed.

Allege(v) means to say something without any facts or proofs to verify it.

Rashi said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
Could anyone give sentence for indict?

Prakhar said: (Jan 24, 2015)  
I see no difference between allege and accuse. Indeed, I read in newspaper word allege which is more formal. Such as, Police alleged that he was involved in the crime. Accuse is forceful charge on someone.

Kiruthika said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
What is the another meaning of accuse?

K.Venu said: (Jul 28, 2015)  
Allege is also same meaning?

Ashish Dogra said: (Jul 31, 2015)  
ALLEGE and ACCUSE are both the same.

Sourabh said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
Indict means accuse formally of a crime. So its synonym is accuse.

Sowbakiya said: (Feb 15, 2016)  
Accuse means?

Neha said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Accuse means to blame for other.

Sri said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
Indict means Accuse because it can be formal.

Sandeep said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
What is formal and informal here?

Selvakumari said: (Jan 24, 2018)  
What is condemn, allege, reprimand?

Anushya Mathiyalagan said: (Mar 15, 2019)  
It means a responsibility toward someone.

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