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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.183)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. After opening the door
[B]. we entered into the room
[C]. next to the kitchen
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option B


we entered the room

123 said: (Oct 24, 2011)  
Why not enter into ?

Sona said: (Jan 21, 2012)  
"enter" should not be followed by "into"

Vidhi Jain said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
It should be 'we entered in the room'.

Chandini said: (Oct 22, 2014)  
There are so many sentences in which "into is followed by enter".

Kambiz said: (Apr 21, 2015)  
Enter into means to Participate :).

Jay said: (May 2, 2015)  
But you cannot enter into a room because that's "redundancy"--both to enter a room and to go into a room refer to the same physical action.

Subhash Kumar said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
Entered cannot be followed by into.

Rahul Kumar Mishra said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
Enter should not be followed by as if a person enter physically. In some cases, we can use Enter followed by into.

Forex- Now we have entered into the new Syllabus of Java course.

Usha said: (Sep 16, 2020)  
Enter itself is get into, so no need of using entered into, it's like return back where returns itself is coming back!

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