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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.203)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. Whenever you go to a temple
[B]. you must put off
[C]. your shoes at the entrance.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option B


you must take off

Sai said: (Dec 29, 2014)  
What is the difference between put off and take off?

Akher said: (Feb 16, 2015)  
No Error. Put off is correct.

Kehinde said: (Nov 6, 2015)  
Since put off means to take off or discard, hence the answer is D.

Mano said: (Nov 25, 2015)  
The correct error is A.

Because temple is a monument, so we have to put "the" before temple.

Rajesh said: (Nov 25, 2016)  
Take Off phrase is being used mostly when it comes to off your clothes, shoes, etc. Put on is when we have to wear something.

Murari said: (May 26, 2017)  
Put off - delay.

Take off - remove.

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