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In each sentence below, four words which are lettered (A), (B), (C) and (D) have been printed in bold type, one which may be either inappropriate in the context of the sentence or wrongly spelt.The letter of that word is answer.If all the four words are appropriate and also correctly spelt, mark 'E', i.e., 'All Correct' as the answer.


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. People in our country are distressed
[B]. by the spate of strikes, an almost
[C]. perpetual go slow and
[D]. increadibily low productivity
[E]. All correct

Answer: Option D



Sneha said: (Sep 14, 2011)  
Whats the meaning of incredibly?

Monika Khatri said: (Oct 13, 2011)  
Incredibly means fantastically, improbability, unbelievably.

Vinnu said: (Mar 8, 2012)  
Here incredible means unbelievable.

Vikashini said: (Apr 10, 2014)  
How come an almost perpetual go slow ? correct please explain.

Aarthys9 said: (Jul 7, 2014)  
I got the same doubt! the part "an almost perpetual go slow" makes no sense.

Harini said: (Jan 19, 2015)  
Perpetual means "everlasting", so sentence itself doesn't make any sense ("An almost perpetual go slow").

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