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Find the correctly spelt words.


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. Treachrous
[B]. Trecherous
[C]. Trechearous
[D]. Treacherous

Answer: Option D


Treacherous means guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.

Geethika said: (Nov 1, 2010)  
treacherous which is an adjective means DANGEROUS

for eg: snow and ice have left many roads treacherous

Ankit said: (Mar 13, 2011)  
untrustworthy, or unreliable.

Pranav Vashistha said: (Oct 20, 2012)  
Treacherous : Adjective for Dangerous.

Sikkanthar said: (Sep 6, 2013)  
Here the word stands for unfaithful or cheated by others.

Dinu said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
Treacherous means feeling guilty.

Mustafizur Rahman said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
It means Unreliable, guilty.

Md. Monoarul Islam said: (Jan 24, 2018)  
Treacherous means sinful, unrighteous.

Dhirendra Kumar Behera said: (Aug 12, 2019)  
It means To betray somebody.

Wahid said: (Jan 15, 2020)  
Treacherous means either not trusted or dangerous.

Vinay said: (Apr 3, 2020)  
It means Untrustworthy, dangerous, guilty, to betray someone.

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