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Exercise :: Sentence Formation - Section 1

  • Sentence Formation - Section 1

In each question below a sentence broken into five or six parts. Join these parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.


1. I 2. immediately 3. salary
4. my 5. want  

A. 43152
B. 15432
C. 25143
D. 42351
E. 45132

Answer: Option B


"I want my salary immediately."


1. do 2. today 3. you
4. must 5. it  

A. 34152
B. 25413
C. 12543
D. 51324
E. 45213

Answer: Option A


"You must do it today."


1. left 2. the 3. house
4. he 5. suddenly  

A. 12435
B. 21354
C. 45123
D. 52341
E. 24135

Answer: Option C


"He suddenly left the house."


1. medicine 2. a 3. Neeta
4. given 5. was  

A. 51423
B. 25431
C. 15423
D. 42531
E. 35421

Answer: Option E


"Neeta was given a medicine."


1. of 2. we 3. heard
4. him 5. had  

A. 42351
B. 52341
C. 25341
D. 25431
E. 25314

Answer: Option E


"We had heard of him."