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Discussion :: Sentence Correction - Section 1 (Q.No.95)

Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark 'E' as the answer.


The people generally try to curry favour with the corrupt but influential person.

[A]. cook favour
[B]. seek favour
[C]. extract favour
[D]. display favour
[E]. No correction required

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Adnan said: (Sep 15, 2011)  
Why can't be option c?

Sumalatha said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
What does "curry favour" mean?

Sriranjan G said: (Dec 10, 2013)  
CURRY FAVOUR means to praise someone, especially someone in authority, in a way that is not sincere, in order to get some advantage for yourself.

Eg: He's always trying to CURRY FAVOUR with the boss.

Pratyush Pancholi said: (Nov 11, 2014)  
What about seek favour?

Naaaa said: (May 18, 2016)  
Then what about seek favour?

Ulala said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Seek means to expect or ask a favour. The correct usage in this case would be "seek favour 'from' the corrupt".

Buddy said: (Sep 21, 2016)  

Seek favour means to ask for favour. But here the actual thing is about to praise not to ask favours.

Pooja said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
What about cook favour, extract favour and display favour?

Inno said: (Oct 31, 2019)  
What about a cook favor! Can someone explain?

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