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Directions to Solve

In each question below, there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts which are labelled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

With her body
P : dragging her unwilling feet
Q : weak and infirm
R : doubled with age
S : she persisted in her mission
The Proper sequence should be:
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Harshita yadav said:   4 years ago
I'm not getting how to solve these sentences in sequence. Please, Anyone, help me.

Sandy said:   1 decade ago
The 1st line is. "with her body". And since "doubled with age " goes along better than other choices. Considering the body. The sequence starts with are. And hence RQPS.

Avinash RGUKT said:   1 decade ago
With her body doubled with age, weak and infirm, dragging her unwilling feet, she persisted in her mission.

Aditi said:   1 decade ago
Please explain this sequence.

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