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Discussion :: Idioms and Phrases - Section 2 (Q.No.20)

In the following questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase italicised and underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase.


It was he who put a spoke in my wheel.

[A]. tried to cause an accident
[B]. helped in the execution of the plan
[C]. thwarted in the execution of the plan
[D]. destroyed the plan

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Kalpana said: (Aug 11, 2011)  
What it exactly means?

Krishna said: (Nov 19, 2011)  
Please somebody reply.

Anonymous said: (Dec 26, 2011)  
To put a spoke in a wheel is in fact to stop the wheel turning, metaphor. For anyone who was hoping for something to go smoothly or not to be found out its like someone stopped you dead in your tracts by sticking a spoke in your wheel and in so doing you were stopped. A spanner in the works is another well used saying, if you have a spanner in the works it stops everything moving and going forward.

Shashank Sharma said: (Jul 20, 2014)  
It is like if you are going somewhere and thence a unknowing voice interrupt you in meanwhile of work.

Crazy said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
Can anyone explain clearly?

Jagan said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
It means his intention was not to destroy. He tried to help but the plan was failed.

Hence his partner pointed for his own failure to other.

Sudeepthi said: (Dec 14, 2019)  
Option D is the correct answer. The above idiomatic expression explains that some one else destroyed our plan that we executed before.

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