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Directions to Solve
Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.

To keeps one's temper
To become hungry
To be in good mood
To preserve ones energy
To be aloof from
None of these
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Sunidhi Das said:   3 years ago
To keep one's temper: to maintain control of one's composure despite being angry or upset.

That can be only possible when someone is in a good mood at that time they remain calm and easily controlled their temper.

Tashi Pellzom said:   4 years ago
Not getting this clearly. Please explain in detail.

Keerthana said:   5 years ago
Controlling the temper drives you to the normal mode. An example sentence: "To keep his temper, he used to hear the songs".

Uddeshya said:   5 years ago
'To keeps, one's temper' needn't necessarily mean 'To be in good mood'.

For example, one can also hold their anger by remaining quiet.

Himani said:   5 years ago
Good explanation, thanks.

Prashant said:   6 years ago
Can anyone explain it with suitable example.

M. Rahman said:   6 years ago

If you control the temper you can keep them in good mood.

Karthi said:   6 years ago
Can I have any other example for this question?

Satish said:   7 years ago
Temper means anger. So when are trying to control anger, your mind will become relaxed.
So, to keep temper is basically trying to be calm.

S.diviya priya said:   7 years ago
Give me some sentence by using that idiom.

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