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In the world today we make health and end in itself. We have forgotten that health is really means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. a lot of modern medicine and this includes many patients as well as many physicians pays very little attention to health but very much attention to those who imagine that they are ill. Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspapers. the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of television programmes and all those books on medicine. We talk about health all the time. Yet for the most part the only result is more people with imaginary illness. The healthy man should not be wasting time talking about health: he should be using health for work. The work does the work that good health possible.


Modern medicine is primarily concerned with

[A]. promotion of good health
[B]. people suffering from imaginary illness
[C]. people suffering from real illness
[D]. increased efficiency in work

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Prabha Kant Yadav said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
The work does the work that good health possible.

Sitaram Dahal said: (Dec 24, 2015)  
I can't understand anybody can explain please?

Prabhat said: (Dec 18, 2016)  
I think that no. -B is accurate. Because. The modern medicines fill patients imaginary illness.

Anji@Gous said: (Apr 14, 2019)  
Yet for the most part, the only result is more people with the imaginary illness. The sentence present in the quotes clearly mentions that lot of people are suffering from an imaginary illness so, present medicine treats this imaginary illness.

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