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Piccadilly Circus was full of loneliness.It seethes and echoes with it. To live near it. Looking down on it is a discomforting exercise. You can't feel the pulse of London here, though people expect to. To Londoners it is a maddening obstruction between one place and another, and few voluntarily linger there. The only locals are those who live off the lingerers; the lingerers are primarily sightseers, with a fair sprinkling of people hoping to draw attention to themselves - both typically from the provinces. They have come to see the heart of London and expect to see spectacle, glamour and vice.


Piccadilly circus is

[A]. the name of a circus company
[B]. a lonely and resounding old building
[C]. a centrally located area in London
[D]. a huge heap of ruins

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Ashok said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
Can anyone explain this?

Manindar said: (Feb 27, 2012)  
It might be a building or an area, but in the second sentence "echo" word is used. So i guess option(c) is correct.

Prashant said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
Echo is used here, so it must be an option (b). Because in that option resounding is used.

Manoj said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
It was not mentioned the location of cirus in the paragraph. So lonliness building is clearly given. Option (b) is most suitable.

Kam said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
Resounding takes place when area is surrounded by building or wall, so option c is correct.

Marvin said: (Feb 26, 2020)  
As it is mentioned in the next line that its an obstruction to traffic, which implies that it must be a centralized area.

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