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Piccadilly Circus was full of loneliness.It seethes and echoes with it. To live near it. Looking down on it is a discomforting exercise. You can't feel the pulse of London here, though people expect to. To Londoners it is a maddening obstruction between one place and another, and few voluntarily linger there. The only locals are those who live off the lingerers; the lingerers are primarily sightseers, with a fair sprinkling of people hoping to draw attention to themselves - both typically from the provinces. They have come to see the heart of London and expect to see spectacle, glamour and vice.


The passage implies that

[A]. some Londoners love to spend their time near the Piccadilly circus
[B]. no Londoner wants to be in Piccadilly circus
[C]. Piccadilly circus is a hazardous place
[D]. Piccadilly circus is place of vice

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Rahul said: (Sep 23, 2013)  
It also implies that londoners as a whole do not want to be a part of it. B is also applicable here.

Abc said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Why hazardous place. Which line in para depicts the answer? Can anyone explain it?

Haru said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Why is it hazardous?

Rinil Babu Thomas said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
The meaning of "hazardous" is "risky" or "dangerous".

There is nothing in the passage that makes even indirect sense that the Piccadilly Circus is a dangerous place.

All Londoners who live and cross there makes the place an obstruction may be an eyesore.

Therefore the correct answer is B.

Harshvardhan Sharma said: (Aug 20, 2021)  
Here "few voluntarily linger there" is written. Hence, I think "A" should be the answer.

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