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Detective glories tend to glorify crime. Murderers, gangsters and crooks all kinds are described as tough, cunning and courageous individuals who know how to take care of themselves and how to get what they want. In James McCain's The Postman Always Rings twice, for instance the villain is much more a impressive character than his victim. He is casual brave smart and successful with women. It is true that he finally gets caught. But he is punished for a crime that he did not commit, so that his conviction is hardly a triumph of justice. Besides, looking back over the exciting life of the criminal, the reader might conclude that it was worth the risk.

According to the passage, the life of a criminal
is exciting
is hardly worth the risk
is seldom presented in the right perspective
ends in a triumph of justice
Answer: Option
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Yasu said:   2 years ago
D is the correct option.

Gourav pathak said:   8 years ago
A can be the answer because the criminals having exciting life and then it is written [[so that his conviction is hardly a triumph of justice]] cannot be right perspective.

Sarah said:   10 years ago
Option C.

This question is referring to the central idea of the passage, which is that the detective stories show the life of a criminal to be exciting. The detective stories portray them to be adventurous and charming, which is not in the right perspective.

Sanchita said:   10 years ago
Its clearly written in passage the exiting life of criminals.

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