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Organisations are institutions in which members compete for status and power. They compete for resource of the organisation, for example finance to expand their own departments, for career advancement and for power to control the activities of others. In pursuit of these aims, grouped are formed and sectional interests emerge. As a result, policy decisions may serve the ends of political and career systems rather than those of the concern. In this way, the goals of the organisation may be displaced in favour of sectional interests and individual ambition. These preoccupations sometimes prevent the emergence of organic systems. Many of the electronic firms in the study had recently created research and development departments employing highly qualified and well paid scientists and technicians. Their high pay and expert knowledge were sometimes seen as a threat to the established order of rank, power and privilege. Many senior managers had little knowledge of technicality and possibilities of new developments and electronics. Some felt that close cooperation with the experts in an organic system would reveal their ignorance and show their experience was now redundant.


"Organic system" as related to the organization implies its

[A]. growth with the help of expert knowledge
[B]. growth with input from science and technology
[C]. steady all around development
[D]. natural and unimpeded growth

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Nitin said: (Feb 12, 2012)  
Answer should be D. Organic system literally means natural system.

Viraat said: (Jul 21, 2012)  
@ Nitin i agree with yu answer should be B

Suramya Vyas said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
Why B is the answer?

Can't C be the correct answer? Please explain.

Murtaza said: (Jul 10, 2019)  
"Some felt that close cooperation with the experts in an organic system would. ".

Because of this statement, I think it should be [A].

Vartika Goyal said: (Dec 12, 2019)  
@Suramya vyas I'm also getting C as the answer, please can anyone explain.

Adobe said: (Aug 6, 2020)  
Can anyone tell me what's the right answer?

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